Super Smart Learners

An affordable series of colourful workbooks, reinforcing learning of key national curriculum skills in maths and English (KS1-3, ages 4-14).

Uses the ‘learn, practice, consolidate’ method whilst giving sufficient practice with varied activities.

Our workbooks are aimed at

parents, home-schoolers, and tutors, and can also be used as a supportive (intervention) programme in schools.


The Math programme offers a unique approach to learning that reconstructs the conventional mode of rote learning. Help your child master math to acquire a solid, long term and secure understanding of the topic through creative and engaging activities.

Each concept is addressed with thought and care, offering varied practices and not just repetition.


Children on the Super Smart Learners English programme are exposed to a wide range of familiar and popular rhymes, extracts as well as classical texts including Shakespeare, poetry and stories from other cultures, where texts and images used are culturally sensitive.

The tasks are delivered in bitesize, creative and engaging activities that enable children to ‘learn, practice and consolidate’ holistically, with clear progression, addressing key national curriculum strands in each workbook.

Feedback from parents

Our workbooks have been tested and refined over 3 years in our tuition centres as well as via focus group of parents, homeschoolers and students. The qualitative data showed that 98% of the 100 parents and 50 students interviewed found that

  • learning had progressed remarkably within 3-6 months (noted by teachers at school)
  • children found that it challenged them and ‘made them think’
  • the varied activities and use of colour kept them engaged.
  • the structure of the workbooks were easy to follow and reinforced school learning
  • it promoted independent learning
  • homeschoolers were able to track curricular learning, taking the ‘thinking out of the planning’
  • homeschoolers were able to show their Local Authority they have covered the National Curriculum requirements where applicable with ease

Feedback from primary school teachers, North London

We interviewed 20 teachers with varied experiences of which 100% said that the workbooks:

  • looked fun, engaging and inviting
  • were easy to understand yet challenging enough to aid the child’s learning needs
  • were on the right level for the national curriculum…tailored to suit and stretch
  • each individual child and level had clear progression throughout each stage
  • followed a scheme of work that had clear assessment points to evaluate at the end of each block
  • encourage the children to further their learning at home, which should give them a sense of independence in their learning whilst consolidating what had been taught during the teaching session/pages’

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